The Introduction

Welcome, and thank you for visiting. At The Spotted Equine, a blog for all things unique and equine, we will share with you products, businesses, and services that we find that are useful, solve problems or that are just different, unique and fun. Our goal is to spot all the fun stuff in the equine world and share it with you. For me, I love equine products, but who doesn’t! It is about learning more: learning how it is better or different from what is already out there. However it’s not just about products, it is about finding those that are working to make the equine world better with their businesses and services.

The main goal at The Spotted Equine is to inform our reader, not sway. We are looking to be informational and education based, not opinion based. However please do understand that no matter how hard we try there will always be a certain amount of opinion. Because if we love something we will let you know, however that does not mean that everyone will have the same feelings about it. This also means that if you, the reader, ever have a question or need help finding something please reach out to us, we are here to help and will do the best we can.

Part of idea behind this blog is to find better quality products, products that can solve problems, and finding new and unique items that not everyone has. The Spotted Equine is here to share all of what we find with you, the reader. Please let us know what you think as this blog progresses or if there is anything you would like to see or learn more about. We will be happy to share what we know or do the research to learn more with you.

Please know that no company can pay to have a post written about them, if we post it we feel this product, business, or service is worth sharing. We will accept advertising on the website, and allow sponsoring of posts. We also will gladly accept suggestions of companies to look into or product to try out. There is only so much we can find on our own so if you have something that you feel should be added to our blog, please send us information, recommendations, or a sample of your favorite product, business, or service. We are always looking for new, fun and unique.

Thoughts from a Gypsy