My Favorite Tack Shops and Why

Do you have a favorite tack shop you like to visit? Why do you like this store? What do they have or what do they do that makes you want to go visit them? That is, of course, if you even have a tack shop near you to visit. There are a lot of us that are limited to just shopping online or at special events and shows. I’d like to share with you a couple of my favorite equine-related stores that I have come across in my travels and always visit when I am back in that area.

The first one is located in Oxford Pa. If you are an Event Rider, I’m sure you will recognize Bit of Britain. I first learned of Bit of Britain over 20 years ago when I was a young rider. Their catalog came in the mail and I would scour it from cover to cover. Looking at every item. Picking out what new item I needed to add to my eventing equipment collection. There was always something new or a hard to find item added to the catalog that wasn’t in the last one. The mobile unit, which showed up at Events, always had those specialty Eventing items plus everything else you would need. Twenty years later it still is the go to tack shop for Eventing and what’s new. (

Strafford Saddlery, located in Strafford Vt. has the best staff. They are a small tack shop within a fairly strong horse community in the middle part of Vermont. If you have questions or need help they are the people to call. The staff is so helpful and very knowledgeable. If they can’t answer your question or find what you are looking for they will find someone that can. They are always ready to hear what I am looking for or having a problem with and quick to come up with options. I only recently learned about this tack shop but wish I’d learned of it sooner. (


When you’re looking for a little bit of everything- even if you don’t know you are looking for it I would send you to a store called The Cheshire Horse in Swanzey NH. If they don’t have it, you either don’t need it or it is so specialized you need a specialty store to find it. I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked through their store absolutely amazed at the wide variety of products and the options within each product. If I was looking for something and couldn’t find it, I always magically found it here. They have everything from english to western to carriage driving, and even stuff for the mini’s and drafts. Pet supplies, clothing, and everything in between. Whoever was the buyer that set up this store with all its products did an amazing job. Their online store is as extensive as their physical store. (

The last store I want to share with you is South Texas Tack located in Brenham TX. This store’s selection for all things western is impressive without being the same as every other western tack shop. One of the things I can’t stand about so many western stores is they are the same. They carry the same clothing and same limited selection of boots and the same generic, almost cheap, tack and equipment. But not South Texas Tack. Their options are refreshing, fun and will keep me looking for hours even if I don’t need anything. A wide variety of boots in a wide range of price to fit everyone’s taste and budgets, same with clothing. Something also special about this store is they make leather goods in house so they have an even bigger selection of bridles, and breastplates and saddles too. They carry carry lots of different brands as well as their own products for probably every style of western riding and then some. Talk about options. (


These are my favorite tack shops. What are yours? What stores should I check out in my travels, and why? I am always looking to find the good stores in new locations. I have heard about a tack shop that also sells wine… how perfect does that sound. That is one store to add to my travels. Where else should I go?

Thoughts from a Gypsy