The best way to keep your white saddle pads white? -Is to not get them dirty. This might seem obvious, however true and I would like to share with you some of my tricks to keep pads clean and also how I clean them.

Tips for keeping Saddle Pads White
• The first and most important is to put your white saddle pad on a clean horse. Again this might seem obvious however a lot of times horses are not as clean as they should or could be. How clean is your horse? Mine – clean enough that usually you can’t tell the white pad was even used except for the hairs from the horse. There are lots of great shampoos to choose from however if they are not thoroughly washed off or ever worse not curried and massaged into the coat to truly wash away the dirt and grim then it does not matter what shampoo you use. So make sure your horse is clean first.
• The second important thing to remember about keeping white saddle pads white is how you handle them. I like to turn my saddle pads inside out so the side that touches the horse is exposed to the environment until it goes on the horse. Then when it comes off the horse it again gets turned inside out. Always being aware of how I handle the saddle pad and where it goes. Because remember the cleaner the pad the less dirt to get out.

However no matter how hard you work to keep the saddle pads clean it still needs to be washed
• If you have a spot or stain I suggest Oxi-Clean spray to spot treat
• In the washing machine I use a free and gentle detergent and a scoop of Oxi-Clean powder.
• Make sure that that you only clean two to three max saddle pads at a time depending on how large your washer is. You don’t want to over fill your washer; it does not clean as well.
• Make sure that you wash white saddle pads with white saddle pads only. Don’t wash then with everyday pads, anything with color or with anything else that might contain extra dirt.
• If you only have one white saddle pad and need to balance the washer I would suggest using a clean towel or two. This is not the time to be efficient and throw just anything that needs washing in the washer. It will make a big difference in how well your white saddle pad comes clean, or if it turns to grey or off white.

Happy Washing!