Product Introduction: BugPellent

How would you like a fly repellent product that actually works and isn’t gonna harm you or any of your animals?  May I suggest you try BugPellent.  BugPellent is an environmentally friend non-toxic fly repellent that for most bugs, insects and ticks actually works at keeping them away. It was developed for horses but is also safe for dogs.


It has been third party tested so I’m not dreaming when I say it works.  And the company isn’t lying when they say it works, how can you argue with that.  BugPellent is made up of a special combination of essential oils that comes in a spray and gel form to apply directly to the horse or dog.  There is also a solid form that can be hung in the barn, shed or over hang.  When using the spray and gel make sure that you shake in well. As for the natural solid it works best when there is a ceiling and some airflow which will create an invisible cloud that keeps the bugs away.  Though a ceiling (or roof ) is suggested for optimal use of the natural solid, I have used it on an overnight horse camping trip and an afternoon picnic.  There is no ceiling to hold the cloud in but it still helps.  The BugPellent won’t last the 4-6 weeks that it should being used this way but makes a huge difference when spending several days in the woods.



BugPellent can be found at your local tack shop / feed store and if not ask them to find out more.  You can also find on-line, there are several websites that carry the BugPellent line.  You can also always go to their website ( for more information and help finding places to purchase.

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