Company Introduction – Boy O Boy Bridleworks

Now I have not actually seen these products in person, however this company caught my attention that I need to share about them.  Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks is a fun, creative, and colorful company that uses ribbon to create browbands, belts, dog collars, and other fun items. I also don’t have pictures of these great products so I’ll suggest you check out their website at  You can also find out more on their Facebook and Instagram pages, both are found at Boy O Boy Bridleworks.

One of the best parts of this company (at least I think so) is they do custom work.  Custom colors, custom embrodiery, custom designs, pretty much anything you can think of that fits within what they make.  They can even make matching team of farm items like belts that have the farm colors and name on it.  I wish I had a picture to share with you, that is how fun their products are.  So go check out the website and have fun designing your matching belt and dog collar.

Having fun with ribbon and colors,                                                                                        Gypsy Juli